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Help Me Get A Lambo!!!
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Welcome to!
I'd really like to get a Lamborghini Gallardo, so I'm turning to the Internet to try and make my dream come true.

There are a bunch of sites out there today like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and others where people ask complete strangers to fund their projects. This is just like that- except you're helping me buy a Lamborghini.

Are you serious? Extremely.

How it works: Click the button to donate money to my PayPal so I can buy a Lamborghini Gallardo. I'm trying to raise enough money to completely pay for the car, all applicable taxes, and at least a year's worth of ownership costs (gas, insurance, maintenance, etc.) Once I hit that goal, I will donate any money after that point to charity.


Wait, what? I want you to give me money so I can buy a Lamborghini Gallardo.

Well, what do I get? Absolutely nothing, except satisfaction.

So you want perfect strangers to give you money to buy a Lamborghini 'just 'cuz' and not get anything in return? Yes.

What..I don't even... OK, so you know how all these sites like Kickstarter are popping up so people can fund projects and stuff? Well, this is kind of like that, but instead of a product or project, you're funding my ability to go and buy a Lamborghini Gallardo and donate to charity.

Just who do you think you are? I'm just a guy in his 20s who lives in New York, where I work for a non-profit. I went to a top university and this job is just a temp job to pay the bills while I try to find what I love. I've always wanted a Lamborghini and the Gallardo is my dream car. Now, clearly, I can't afford this on my own, so I made this site to see if total strangers would help me make my dream come true.

Do you even lift?
With great power, of course.

When are you trying to do this by? It's really hard to set a super concrete date and I may leave it up as long as it takes to get to the goal. Right now, I'd love to be able to have the car by Labor Day Weekend, so that would give me a target date of Thursday, August 29th, 2013 as to when I'd like to have the car. That means I need roughly a month to get everything together, find the car, and bring it home. So we'll set the date right now at Wednesday, July 31st, 2013.

Why a Lamborghini?
Because, Lamborghini.

Is this the craziest thing you've ever done?
What? Asked complete strangers to give me money to buy an exotic, Italian sports car? Yeah, I guess so. Well, there was that one time with the squirrel, the lube, and the socket wrench, but I digress...

Tell me more about the charities. I'm open to suggestions. I have a few in mind that I'd like to donate to, but you can also suggest ones that you think I should donate to. I'd prefer to donate to those that deal with cancer treatment/research, veterans, and access to sports for kids.

Why those? My Dad is a cancer survivor and 3 of my grandparents had cancer. My grandfather was a Major in the Army and I have close friends and other family who serve/have served. Sports have been a big part of my life and  I want kids to be able to have the same opportunities I have had. The major ones I'm considering in these areas are Sloan-Kettering, Wounded Warrior Project or Special Operations Warrior Foundation, and Right to Play. These are charities to whom I've given in the past so I would like to give them more if I can.

How much money do you need? I'm not quite sure to be honest. I know what a used Gallardo goes for and I've spoken to a few owners about the yearly total cost of ownership. Let's not forget, I have to pay taxes on the money I receive and I'll most likely have to pay sales tax, depending where I get the car from. I'm not going to lay out any of my own money for this, so it has to come completely from donations. Anything left over will go to the charities.

So is that all you intend to do? You're just going to raise a little money for charity? No. I also intend to use the car for some good. I'd like to use it for local charity events- bring it so kids can sit in the car or go for a ride, auction off rides in it, etc. I'd like to give back and help out others.

Are you going to give us anything if you get it? If I succeed, I'll naturally post plenty of pictures and videos when I take delivery. If I'm picking it up somewhere far, I'll try to do a road-trip video of the event. I plan to give regular updates about what's happening with the car and how it's being used for charity as well. Outside of that, there's not really anything I'm going to give that I can think of right now. If you guys come up with suggestions and contact me, maybe we can work something out depending on how things are going.

Can I write this off of my taxes? Ask your accountant. I'm not one, nor do I play one on TV. My guess would be 'No' but it's possible. Remember, you're donating to me and not the charities. I'm not a corporation or an organization, just a dude with a PayPal account.

Can I get a refund? No way. I'm not selling anything here- you're strictly donating money. I think I've made it abundantly clear that you don't get anything in return by donating. If you can't afford to donate, then don't.

What's with the ads? Tryin'a get paid, playboy! If you want to advertise here, hit me up. It's not going to be cheap though. Ya boy's trying to buy a Lambo, here. I'm also open to someone sponsoring the site as well. But if you're serious about reaching an audience interested in the automotive industry, use the contact form and maybe we can work something out.

Can I interview you? Possibly. Again, use the Contact form and explain what you want. I'll need you to have some sort of proof you are who you say you are.

So remind me one last time why I should give you money? Because you're extremely handsome/sexy/smart/talented/kind. You'll be helping me make my dream come true and we'll raise some money for charity to boot. Did I mention how great that shirt looks on you?

How can I stay on top of what's going on? I've put a 'Subscribe' box up top where you can enter your email address. If you're interested in knowing what's going on with the project, subscribe, and I'll email you. I'll probably also post a blog page at some point as well.

Do you have a Twitter profile? Yes, you can follow me here.

Hugs & Kisses~ <3 HelpMeGetALambo Guy
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